Name Email Address  
Debbie Jose [email protected] Principal
Kellie Cashion [email protected] Assistant Principal 
Kammi Berry [email protected] SAM
Carisa Hines [email protected] Social Worker
Maira Espinal [email protected] Clinic Assistant
Nicole Finetto [email protected] Registrar and FTE Clerk
Wendy Lepore [email protected] KID ZONE
Courtney Smith [email protected] Bookkeeper
Tracy Schoenauer [email protected] Behavior Interventionist
Robin Bell-Wright [email protected]` Math and Science Instructional Coach
Laura Blanco-Hernandez [email protected] Math Interventionist
Laura G. Jones [email protected] Reading Instructional Coach
Dorcas Wilson [email protected] Reading Interventionist
Deanna Dee   [email protected] Reading Interventionist VPK-3
Andrea L. Beauchine [email protected] ETF/STEM Teacher
Brittany Boardman [email protected] Music
Jeff Rood [email protected] PE Coach
Caitlin Patterson [email protected] Media Specialist
Danielle Rottler [email protected] Art
Mayra Acosta Santiago [email protected] ESOL
Virginia Wijesekera [email protected] ESOL
Catherine Kraft [email protected] ESE Support Facilitator
Kathryn Rivera [email protected] ESE Support Facilitator
Tyler Dillon [email protected] Developmental
Lisa Lake  [email protected] Gifted
Roseanne Pinto [email protected] Varying Exceptionalities
Carly Romaine [email protected] Speech and Language Pathologist
Katie McCann [email protected] SLP
Tina Pearson [email protected] Pre K
Joann Ortiz [email protected] Kindergarten
Michelle Wines [email protected] Kindergarten
Jourdan Cabasso [email protected] Kindergarten
Valentina Monaco [email protected] Kindergarten
Melissa R. Boatright [email protected] First Grade
Jessica Castillo [email protected] First Grade
Kristin Herny [email protected] First Grade
Sonia Santiago [email protected] First Grade
Stephanie Pinney [email protected] First Grade
Sarah Nelson [email protected]
Second Grade 
Hannah Hockenberry [email protected] Second Grade
Rebecca Young [email protected] Second Grade
Jasmine Zantt [email protected] Second Grade
Tahlia Slaughter [email protected] Second Grade
Amanda Bond [email protected] Third Grade
Desiree Suero [email protected] Third Grade
Morgan Shipman [email protected] Third Grade
Kimberly Stroy [email protected] Third Grade
Rosa Fair [email protected] Fourth Grade
Elizabeth Osborne [email protected] Fourth Grade
Jordyn Rizzo [email protected] Fourth Grade
Lindsey Massa [email protected] Fourth Grade
Erica Abramson [email protected] Fifth Grade
Michael Circe [email protected] Fifth Grade
Tarai Alexander [email protected] Fifth Grade
Megan Parker [email protected] Fifth Grade
Cynthia Baumann [email protected] Paraprofessional
Marisol Ocampo [email protected] Paraprofessional
Miriam Long [email protected] Paraprofessional
Carmen Flores Paraprofessional
Joshua Smith [email protected] PE Paraprofessional
Courtney Barreto [email protected] ESE Paraprofessional
Esther Canales [email protected] ESE Paraprofessional
Devon Dunlap [email protected] ESE Paraprofessional
Regina Dungee [email protected] ESE Paraprofessional

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